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Our mission is to deliver the optimum applicable and most cost-effective SMART Solutions to our customer. SMART PDC Design Concept is to deliver the solution to overcome the problematic application, by the following methodology


AZCO Premium Cutters Technology:


To complement the SMART-TWIN designs, AZCO alliance with high technology research centers at Canada and China in order to develop an exclusive family of cutters "Z-Cutters" for drilling abrasive and hard formations.

These cutters are much more wear resistant than cutters run in conventional applications and feature the latest technologies in both material selection and diamond interface design.

The inherent stability of the SMART PDC designs enables the superior wear resistance of these high performance cutters to be realized.  As a result of this stability, the undesirable vibrations are eliminated along with the possibility of cutter damage due to impact

Drilling Optimization Software


AZLOG Software -

 recommends optimized bit design and additional enhanced features to achieve lower cost per foot by determining the formation characteristics (Rock Hardness) & post analyzing the bit performance / dull condition.

SMART Software -


is a powerful tool of high technology and proprietary drilling simulation software, which enable the designers to model the PDC Bit and to monitor the entire drill string while drilling.