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It is the policy of AZCO that all persons are entitled to a healthy, safe and secure environment. To that end, the health and safety of all our employees and clients shall be a constant determining factor in our project planning stages, and in our everyday work. AZCO believes that safety is not only a key part of every job, at every level of the organization, but that a culture and environment can be created in which safety hazards or incidents can truly be prevented.

The desire of most companies in the oil and gas business is to create an environment and culture where safety and environmental hazards are eliminated - however the road to this objective has not be an easy or obvious one - there are still environmental events, injuries and deaths that occur on a day to day basis.

AZCO believes that while safety moments, safety statistics, hazard assessments, etc. are important tools in combating unsafe acts, the true path to a "culture of safety" is through the actions and visibility of leadership in relation to HSE issues and visibility to events when they do unfortunately happen. In this manner HSE becomes a continuous life learning process for that Involved.

Based on this practical and simple philosophy AZCO leadership is responsible to develop the proper attitude and standard job planning performance that will enable our organization to meet our safety expectations and objectives and those of our clients. The commitment to the program by all levels of leadership is firm, unwavering, and transmitted to all levels of our organization in every aspect of our work. Our employees, in turn, are aware of our leadership commitment to prevention of harm and are prepared to implement that standard of commitment, which enables us to be a leader in our industry. This policy illustrates the recognition and acceptance by our leadership of the fact that safety and production are inseparable; therefore, planning for accident prevention and zero harm shall be incorporated into all phases of our work.