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AZCO Quality Assurance in Business Activities


AzcoGroup Quality Assurance System (AZQAS) is there to give you confidence in the quality of our products through its tight specifications and strict procedures.

AzcoGroup is recognized nationally for its proven record of accomplishment in delivering products & services of consistently high quality. This is attributable to a combination of our unique product technology, comprehensive quality assurance programs, operational efficiency and sophisticated production process – all supported by our highly skilled and experienced staff. We maintain and in-house national technical center which focuses on R&D, as well as providing technical expertise and support to our customers throughout Africa and Middle East. Our team of technical specialists is dedicating to ensuring our products are thoroughly tested at every stage – from the selection at the start of the production process, right through to delivery.

Our products stewardship and rigorous quality management practices reflect our commitment to delivering the highest quality products that perform on the road. Our commitment to quality is recognized by quality certificates.