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SMART PDC is tailoring designed PDC consistently deliver certified, quantifiable, predictable performance that will lower the cost of your drilling operations…

Our mission is to deliver the optimum applicable and most cost-effective SMART Solutions to our customer.

SMART PDC Design Concept is to deliver the solution to overcome the problematic application.

SMART Software as a design tool has enabled the designer to utilize the heavy Diamond coverage of the SMART bit on the drilled formation, maximize bit stability and bit cleaning without sacrificing rate of penetration.

The inherent stability of the SMART PDC designs enables the superior wear resistance of these high performance cutters to be realized. As a result of this stability, the undesirable vibrations are eliminated along with the possibility of cutter damage due to impact.

About AZCO


“Look Beyond…”

We Will Continuously pursue innovations to provide our branded Products and value added Services to meet our clients drilling challenges in most of the major oil & gas producing regions of the world. Fulfill our obligation to improve our operations for maximum efficiency and quality in every activity and at all times, strive for the highest possible performance standards.

What’s New ?


Thunder Bit - More Conductive & Ductile

Steel body head acting as AXIAL vibration absorber beneath the fixed cutters to enhance Impact Resistance while drilling hard formation.

Thunder Bits - More Conductive & Ductile